Healthcare Reform

The State Treasurer does not have a direct effect on healthcare policy in Colorado.  This is left to the Governor and State Legislature.  Nevertheless, the Treasurer is the State's Chief Financial Officer and does have a seat on the State Medicaid Board and the PERA Board and thus I think this is an issue worth mentioning here.  

  • At present and being self employed, I have gone without health insurance for most of the last 2 years.  As a Single Dad, it just got to be too expensive when my premium doubled and my deductible tripled to $6,500 in just 3 years. 
  • Healthcare spending is a budget busting item both for families and at the State level.  In the U.S. we spend nearly $10,000 per person per year on healthcare or roughly $4,000 more per person than any other modern industrialized country, but our outcomes are not any better.
  • If we are to have real competition in a private market we must insist on an end to the employer tax credit so that people can shop for health insurance like they do car insurance or homeowner's insurance.  
  • I support universal healthcare and believe that healthcare is a human right.

I hope that a solution can be found at the Federal level to our current crisis, but I don't trust Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to fix our broken healthcare system.  I have much more faith in the people and State leadership here in Colorado.  We have a long and proud tradition of being thoughful and progressive and as Treasurer I look forward to