An Important Office That Deserves More Than A Career Politician

The Colorado State Treasurer manages an investment portfolio of roughly $6.5 billion and also has a seat on the boards of a number of important organizations and state agencies including the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) and The University of Colorado Investment Advisory Board. Most importantly, the Treasurer is the voice of fiscal reason to the state agencies, elected officials and the voters. When ballot measures come up for a vote that will save Coloradans money such as Colorado Care - Amendment 69 would have in 2016, we need a Treasurer that will do the right thing and tell the fiscal truth instead of pushing talking points written by corporate donors.

Experience Matters

Along with my 25+ years experience starting and running my own successful business and working in the corporate world, I also have a graduate degree in Finance and an undergraduate degree in Economics.  

I can count many blessings in my life but I've also been tested by adversity living without health insurance, and having to make it through lean years when my business took a hit when surrounded by long term roadside construction.  

While many political offices do not necessarily require a certain background, as business and financial markets grow increasingly complex, having a State Treasurer with in-depth experience and expertise in Finance and Economics is a must.

I believe that being fiscally responsible doesn't mean cutting taxes and cutting spending so that roads and schools fall apart, it means spending your money wisely and making the investments that will yield the best returns in the long run.

Let's Keep Big Money Out of Politics

I don't think it is right for candidates or elected officials to accept money from corporate or special interest groups - period.  While elected officials may say that these donations don't change their votes, even if not - sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing while regular people lose out is still taking a position.  Financing a campaign without corporate or special interest money is admittedly very challenging.  We will need to reach hundreds of thousands of voters, and that's why we need your help.  

From Small Business For Small Business

Politicians constantly talk about how they are going to help small business, but few often actually do.

Having owned my own business for the past 7 years, I know that complying with state tax regulations can be time consuming and challenging.  As State Treasurer, I hope to work with our legislature on some common-sense ideas to streamline the filing process that would both save small businesses time, but also save taxpayers money.  

A Public Bank - Long Overdue for Colorado

Rather than putting our money in a big multinational bank, why not keep it here in Colorado?  This idea is not new.  North Dakota has had a public bank for more than 95 years.  The Bank of North Dakota does not compete with local banks, but instead works with them to underwrite and participate in small business and student loans to make them less expensive.  In addition, it assists municipalities in funding important infrastructure projects often ignored by big international banks.

Our cannabis industry faces serious challenges in banking, and many small business owners still cannot obtain the capital they need at reasonable rates.  

A public bank here in Colorado help solve both these problems.  As your next State Treasurer I plan to work with our next Governor and our legislature to make a Public Bank a reality.

Welcome to our campaign website.  Find out why many people already believe I am more qualified than any other candidate in this race to be State Treasurer, and my plan to inspire more people in Colorado to get involved in politics.

There's no doubt about it. Vote for Douthit!